Note: Unless you are using a severely outdated operating system or CPU, you most likely want to always download the x64 (64-bit) version of Ultimate Doom Builder.

The 64-bit version has less limitations on the total size of the project that you can load and edit, while the x86 (32-bit) version of Ultimate Doom Builder only exists for compatibility with older PCs.

If not sure, follow these instructions to find out whether your system is 64-bit: Which version of Windows operating system am I running?
Download Latest Installer, x64 Download Latest Installer, x86

All recent versions

Ultimate Doom Builder R4166
21 Apr 2024
More changes to get it to compile with Visual Studio 2022
Ultimate Doom Builder R4165
21 Apr 2024
Fixes to make it compile with Visual Studio 2022
Ultimate Doom Builder R4162
31 Mar 2024
ZScript parser: added support for "final" and "sealed" classes. Fixes #1033
Ultimate Doom Builder R4160
09 Mar 2024
GZDoom Game Configuration: Added support for PathNodes. (#1032)

UDBScript: Added scripts for PathNode management
Ultimate Doom Builder R4159
03 Mar 2024
Fixed a crash when trying to load a voxel that could not be found multiple times. Fixes #1024
Fixed a problem where voxels defined in VOXELDEF would not be found